Hello! My name is Gene Li. I’m a fifth year PhD student at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, where I’m advised by Nathan Srebro. I also work with Cong Ma at UChicago Stats.

Previously, I graduated with a BSE from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Princeton University. There, I had the pleasure of working with Yuxin Chen and Emmanuel Abbe.

I’m broadly interested in theoretical machine learning and decision making. Recently, I have been thinking about function approximation for decision making settings like contextual bandits and reinforcement learning, with the goal of characterizing the fundamental limits for these problems and understanding new algorithmic paradigms.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me at: [gene at ttic dot edu].

You can find my (perpetually outdated) CV here.




Some notes on learning theory. These notes are mostly for my own personal reference, but others may find them useful. Any mistakes are my own.

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